I have used the C# Sharp software platform to make great business applications for customers in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me today.

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The C# Sharp programming language is a versatile and powerful platform that can create applications for the most demanding of customers. I work in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Whether it is job costing, invoicing, order entry, quoting, sales reporting or scheduling - C# Sharp can do it. I have the background and experience to harness this robust software to help you accomplish your business automation goals.

How can C# Sharp development make your business headaches go away?

Scenario #1:
You are running a local delivery service in your city. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion among your drivers about who goes where to make the runs. Your manual system for routing deliveries is a logistical nightmare due to all the paperwork and lack of organization. Aside from wasting time and fuel, the customers are irate from not receiving their goods on time or at all. What to do? This is a good example of how a route scheduling application in C# Sharp would be ideal for getting your house in order. It would maintain daily truck route schedules and each driver would receive a printed schedule in the morning of where to drop deliveries during the day. No more wasted time and now the customers are happy because they receive their goods on time.

Scenario #2:
Your small physical therapy business needs to keep track of the hours paid to their physical therapist employees who make house calls to patients every week. Right now this is being handled with paper receipts to keep track of who logged how many regular and overtime hours. Some of the writing on the employee time receipts is illegible or incomplete. Many of the employees are being underpaid or overpaid. You are at your wits end over the screw ups and your business is beginning to look like a descent into chaos. A customized labor hours receipt program in C# Sharp is the answer. It would keep track of the regular and overtime hours for each physical therapist and there would be data entry error checking built in to make sure each employee labor hours receipt is complete before the operator could exit the data entry screen. In addition, it would run various reports showing how many hours your therapists log over various time periods. It could determine where additions and cutbacks of hours need to be made so your labor cost per therapist would be more sensible versus the income they bring in.

Here is a movie of a program I created in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

Please use my email and phone contact page so we can further discuss your ideas today. Also, please visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos I have made than what is profiled on this site.

douglas b miller, computer program designer

douglas b miller, computer program designer

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