Here are some custom programming articles I've written that were based on work I performed for mostly manufacturing and industrial customers in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me today.

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I periodically write articles about custom programming techniques I've created for mostly manufacturing/industrial customers in Cleveland, Ohio USA. I do this for 2 reasons. The first is for offsite SEO (search engine optimization). I publish them to programming websites that will allow me to insert back links into my articles. After the search engine web crawlers index them, it will help to strengthen my page rankings in the search results. The second reason I do this is to contribute to the online custom programming community. Hopefully, I can help someone with a problem that relates to my articles and perhaps one day they can do the same for me.

Below are examples of custom programming articles I have published on several websites. The topics are varied in scope. Some are relatively simple, while others can be complex. Please select the article you would like to view:

In "Borland C++ List Sorting Algorithm", I used a very in depth explanation of how the custom programming was designed to sort a list of up to 16,000 items. The technique I conjured for this was pretty deep and theoretical in nature, so I tried to explain it as best I could. I even used an analogy with the building of the American Transcontsinental Railroad from the 19th century to hopefully make it easier for readers to understand.

In another article, "My Automated PHP Scripts For Creating Ftp Connections To A Remote Server", I talked about 2 PHP scripts I created for the purpose of connecting to a web server of a mutual fund company. These scripts ran consecutively at predetermined times on a web server crontab manager. After the connection was made and the database had been opened, a predefined .csv file was opened and the contents were streamed back to the customer's website. This data was then processed to show how closing securities prices reflected changes in multiple investment client's accounts on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Like "My Automated PHP Scripts For Creating Ftp Connections To A Remote Server", the article titled "PHP to Construct cURL Script to Facilitate Data Streaming" performed the same task, but with a different twist. This described how I used cURL script to retreive a transaction id from DST Systems, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri USA. The purpose was to download financial transaction data files, but from multiple companies, not just one as discussed in the previous paragraph. The retreived transaction id was then sent back to the DST Fan Mail web server to get a "xml" file of available financial transaction data files that were available for download. Next, I used each file name in the received "xml" file to construct cURL script directives from proprietary PHP coding I created. Each "constructed cURL script directive" was sent back to the DST Systems, Inc. web server in Kansas City to stream back the financial data files for further processing with PHP scripts on the financial company website's crontab manager.

Here is a movie of a program I created. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

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douglas b miller, computer program designer

douglas b miller, computer program designer

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